Social Innovation – Future of work– Yoga & Well-being at work

Explorer and facilitator of transformation, Alice VIVIAN is the founder of mojom.

After 9 years of communication consulting, 1 year of World Tour meeting inspiring social and environmental projects, Alice specializes in social innovation and prospective. She has been exploring the Future for more than 4 years as a director at the Desirable Futures Institute, a non-profit organization whose goal is to think and inspire new models of society for the future.

Now a speaker, social innovation and wellness counselor, Alice VIVIAN is a certified yoga teacher, practices yoga-therapy, mindfulness as well as NVC (non-violent communication). Passionate also about neuroscience applied to the activation of talents, she mixes these disciplines to imagine new forms of pedagogy based on a "head, heart and body" approach. Stress management, yoga and leadership, well-being at work ... in 2018 she founded the mojom concept and company where she works to bring empowerment and well-being tools to support change. Her research topics: "The future of work", "The urgency of deceleration" and "Body and mind: new pedagogies for tomorrow". She also devotes time to the associative world where she brings the benefits of yoga to public in physical or social precariousness.



The mojom network

mojom is also a network of experts who share and embody the same human values and the joy of sharing: specialists in collective intelligence, coaches, trainers, artists ....

For global issues, we put at your disposal a mojom team that will be the most adapted and complementary, so that the magic can operate ...

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