1. The mojom, what is it?

A story of magical powers ...

The concept of "mojom" was born from the union of the word "MOJO" and the sound vibration "OM".

• The word "MOJO" would originally come from Africa: it means the talisman, a magical power bringing us supernatural power and luck. It represents your inner strength and quality of presence, a power of attraction and conviction that generates confidence and enthusiasm.

• The syllable "OM" comes from Sanskrit. In the Hindu, Buddhist or yoga traditions, this is a sacred vibration that connects us to our own vital energy, but also to others and to the world: the mantra of transformation and union, a promise of mind-body alignment.


-> To find your mojom is to reconnect the mind, the heart and the body, acceding alignment and inner energy, in order to activate your talents and deploy your magic!

2. HOW TO FIND your MOJOM?   


The organization mojom offers you to reveal your powers by helping you develop new forms of intelligence, emotional but especially somatic intelligence. You thus deploy your inner strengths, your presence and your energy, in a search for unity, authenticity and meaning.

How? By bringing you:

  • The understanding of the connection between body and mind, mainly based on neurosciences,

  • The experience of reconnecting to the body, to teach you how to:

    - manage stress and gain energy,

    - develop your confidence,

    - activate your talents: presence, empathy, resilience, leadership ...

« There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy. »
Friedrich Nietzsche

3. Why is it so important to reconnect with the body?


1. A world in acceleration: the urgency of slowing down

Stress, burn-out, loss of meaning ..., it has become important to rethink our relationship with time and body, to learn how to regulate our stress and take care of our health.


2. The changing world of work: resilience and new forms of intelligence

It is essential to acquire new skills in the organization in order to adapt. Emotional and somatic intelligence can develop: agility, confidence, empathy, creativity and positive energy.


3. The need to embody the change and find unity

Our values are only authentic when we embody them, in our actions, in our movements, in our way of walking and speaking. The body helps to find alignment and consistency.


4. Your body is your best communication tool

It is estimated that 70 to 80% of our communication is nonverbal! To work on it is therefore a key for managers but also for all employees who want to gain presence and leadership.

Through body awareness and stress regulation, not only do we learn to take care of our health and increase our energy, but we also improve our performance, skills, relationships and work environment.

We are developing new super powers!