Our world is going through a period of profound change that is shaking our way of life, work and even our health. We must accompany individuals but also organizations in this transition. Acceleration, stress, hyper-digitization, environmental emergencies, the disappearance of many jobs in 10 to 15 years ... the world of work is particularly impacted.


Bad news ? No. To transform oneself is first of all to change the way we look at things . Rather than seeing these mutations as threats, we see them as opportunities to put meaning, creativity and more humanity in the heart of business and our lives.


1. The individual at the heart of change

We believe that collective transformation (whether societal or organizational) can only happen through individual transformation. It is essential to accompany individuals, giving them tools of inspiration, self-knowledge and new resources to better live the change and prepare for tomorrow.


2. The urgency of

decelerating and reconnecting Body & Mind

In an accelerating, increasingly complex, uncertain and digital society, it is crucial to reconnect body and mind, in order to learn how to manage stress, health and energy, to find meaning and alignment, and also to develop new forms of intelligence and talent.


3. Social innovation and human capital

Social and HR innovations are the foundation of the company's cultural and organizational transformation, performance and sustainability. As we need new methods and ways of working (collective intelligence, creativity, design thinking, new spaces ...), we must value the most important resource of the organization: its human capital.


4. Reconcile social well-being and economic performance

We consider human fulfillment and well-being as a source of performance for the company and not as circumstantial constraints or fads. Decrease in absenteeism and turnover, improvement of employee engagement, innovation, creativity and decision-making, attractiveness of young talent ... so many reasons to take care of employees.


5. Optimism and enthusiasm : the change is opportunity !

We believe that the best lever for transformation is enthusiasm. Activation thus requires reconnection to this emotion. We believe in the involvement of employees in change, as well as the creation of positive and inspiring personal and collective dynamics.

“Emotion is the engine of change, and joy its essence.”
Olivier Lockert

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